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Your safety first

Through the Covid-19 period we have followed the issued sanitary directions by our ministries of Health and Tourism. Despite the crisis has ended, we have decided to continue the application of specific safety protocols in order to ensure a highly hygiene environment to our guests and staff.


The check-in and check-out time is modified in order the rooms to be cleaned even more extensively and being aired further. Consequently, the check in starts at 15.00 pm and the check out ends at 11.00 am.


All hard surfaces are cleaned by professional disinfectants daily. Free hand sanitizers are provided in each room.

Bed sheets, pillow cases, and towels are gathered in closed cases and being washed at 70 C in order to be decontaminated. The rooms after being cleaned, are left with balcony doors open in order fresh air to be circulated in the interior.

Shared Areas

All shared areas and surfaces are daily cleaned using disinfectants which are approved by our national organization for medicines. 


The buffet's cutlery and plates are washed in high temperature (70 C) washing circle in order to provide the best possible hygiene.

Following our high sanitary standards, we focus on the excessive cleaning of the hotel areas, providing a clinical environment to our guests and staff.

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